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Covid-19 Virus Thermal Scanning Protection Equipment

Keep Safe, Protect Your Clients, Customers,  Workforce & Business

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Walk Through Scanners

Walk Through Scanners can help detect Covid-19 infection and reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus by scanning all persons entering your premises.

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Free Standing Scanners

Free Standing Scanners are portable ‘plug and play’ soloutions where you may have limited space available or require the scanner to be used in multiple locations.

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Hand Held Scanners

Hand held scanners can be easily carried to enable spot checks on persons both in and outwith your workplace. These are especially useful for the Construction Trade.

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As we return to our workplace, schools, shops or look at return to air travel, even go back to routine hospital appointments – what guarantees do we have that our environment is safe? To help us in this chasllenge,

Stay Safe Protection Equipment have introduced a range of Non-Contact, Thermal Scanning Devices designed to quickly and accurately determine if people entering our environment could possible have Coronavirus and expose us to Covid-19 virus infection.


As lockdown measures begin to ease, it will be vitally important to protect ourselves and our workforce from the spread of Covid-19 and Coronavirus.

At Stay Safe Protection Equipment we not only offer a range of products to help you, your staff and your clients Stay Safe but also protect and grow your business during this challenging time.

Don’t wait until legislation forces you to implement measures or worse still, wait until infection affects your workplace.  Act now, Stay Safe.


Stay Protected – Stay Home – Stay Safe

Like many others you may now be faced with the possibility of having to re-think how you do business.  For many this may be to switch to an on-line solution.

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