Green Screen Backdrop Roller Stand

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Green Screen Backdrop Roller Stand

Are you working from home?  Do you produce video content or take part in video conference calls?

You may wish to use a Green Screen backdrop to make your home environment look more like an office or use video software to add a digital image or video backdrop.



Green Screen Backdrop Roller Stand

Green screen is a backdrop used in photography, videography and cinematography, to allow the addition of a background image or video behind a presenter or object.  This is commonly used in ‘News Reading’ where a ‘virtual’ studio, location video or supporting information can be shown.

I a domestic environment this can be used to give the impression of working in an office environment or virtually any location in the world from the comfort of your home.

The single-colour Green Screen background enables you to clearly separate the image of a subject from everything else in shot.  Green Screens are also ideal for work video calls and webinar conferencing.

There are many software packages that allows you to quickly and easily add a digital backdrop to hide objects in a room or add additional content during a video session.

The term “chromakey” is often used to describe the technique used to achieve a clear contrast between your main subject and a digital background element. This is a fundamental basis of many special effects utilised in the movie industry.

Green Screen Roller Banners are compact, lightweight and come complete with a free carry bag for easy transportation.

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